The Endendijk Collection


Recordings of a concert of a group from Radio Skopje in November 1986 in the Dutch Radio (NOS) "Promenos" series, Utrecht, Holland. Divna Lazarova: vocals, Pece Atanasovski (leader): gajda; Angel Dimovski and Boris Grujevski: kaval, Mefail Sakipov and Tihomir Veskovski: tanbura, Muzafer Mahmut: zurla and tapan.

Divna Lazarova: vocals
Pece Atanasovski (leader): gajda
Angel Dimovski and Boris Grujevski: kaval
Mefail Sakipov and Tihomir Veskovski: tanbura
Muzafer Mahmut: zurla and tapan

78 RPM record, Jugoton J 6171. Played by Radio Orchestra of Radio Skopje. Recording date around 1955. The first part of Makedonsko oro is an instrumental version of the song: Ori mome sedmojanče.

Mali Orkestar Radio Stanice Skopje

LP record, Bel Air 341006. Recorded during the trip of Tanec to France in the autumn of 1959. Four tracks are Croatian the other tracks are Macedonian.

Ens. Tanec, Skopje.

Composer / arranger
T. Prokopiev: A 02, 04, B 01, 04
K. Petrovski: A 01, 06, B 02, 06, 07

Croatian: A 03, 05, B 03, 05
Macedonian: A 01, 02, 04, 06, B 01, 02, 04, 06, 07