The Endendijk Collection

Former Yugoslavia

12" LP record RTB LPV 190. This record was a trailer for a newly to create series of records with village music "Muzika i Tradicija", around 1970. Only three records were realized: this one (the trailer), Serbia and Istria.
Selection and liner notes by Dragoslav Dević.

12" LP record, MMS 2229. Musical Masterpiece Society (MMS) was a sub-label of the American label Concert Hall. Marketed in Europe as MMS, Guilde Internationale Du Disque and a couple of other names. This record was most likely licensed from Monitor Records, which issued the same record earlier, with two additional tracks as Monitor MF 312. Recordings were made by former Yugoslav radio stations. This record was one of the two first LP records of the collection.

A 01 Serbia, Tihomir Paunović frula, Orch. Radio Beograd
A 02 Croatia, Tamburica Orch. Radio Osijek
A 03 Croatia, Choir and Tamburica Orch. Radio Osijek
A 04 Serbia, Choir and Orch. Radio Beograd
A 05 Macedonia, Bronislav Simonović and Danica Obrenić, Orch. Radio Beograd
A 06 Croatia / Dalmatia, Dalmatian Singers of Radio Zagreb
A 07 Slovenia, Duo Filiplić & Koren
A 08 Bosnia, Dušan Janković, Orch. Radio Beograd
A 09 Croatia / Medjimurje, Anica Zubović, Orch. Radio Beograd
B 01 Croatia, Tamburica Orch. Radio Zagreb
B 02 Bosnia, Sulejman Djakić vocal and tambura
B 03 Macedonia, Vaska Ilieva, Vanja Lazarova, Orch. of folk instruments Radio Skopje
B 04 Serbia, Sava Jeremić frula, acc. Duet Živković and Tamburica orch. Radio Beograd
B 05 Montenegro, Božidar Ivanišević, Orch. Radio Zagreb
B 06 Serbia, Radmila Dimić, Choir and Orch. Radio Beograd
B 07 Macedonia, Choir and Orch. Radio Beograd
B 08 Serbia, Radmila Vasović, unknown orch.