The Endendijk Collection


12" LP record, Jugoton LPY-V-50905. Seljačka Sloga (Peasant Unity) is a Croatian society for education, emancipation, preserving cultural heritage, etc. They were jointly responsible for this production. Published around 1970 - 1973.

12" double LP record, Jugoton LPY-S 65001/2. Published in 1974. PRIGORSKI SVATI, Wedding in the Prigorje, performed by HSPD »Podgorac«, Gračani, a suburb on the north of Zagreb. HSPD: Hrvatsko Seljačko Pjevačko Društvo, in English: Croatian Peasant Singing Society. Record 2 Side A 01 and B 01 are joined together.

LPY-S 65001 Side A
01 SIJELO (Gathering.)
02 SNUBOKI (Youth in the evening before the wedding.)

LPY-S 65001 Side B
01 VOŽNJA ŠKRINJE (Moving the bridal chest.)
02 POLAZAK NA VJENČANJE (Going to the wedding ceremony.)

LPY-S 65002 Side A
01 GOSTI U DOMU MLADENKE (Guests in the brides home.)

LPY-S 65002 Side B
01 U NOVOM DOMU (In the new home.)

HSPD »Podgorac«, Gračani