The Endendijk Collection


Besides the albums (specified later) the collection contains also recordings which we made from records we borrowed from friends (in the past), radio broadcasts, some own recordings, etc. There are no physical sources of these recordings. They are not included in the following pdf's. Recently bought downloads are included (sometimes download is the only way in which an album can be bought).

If you click on one of the following links, that pdf will be loaded:

content of the collection
new albums in the collection since the last update

Hereafter follows an explanation how to use the pdf's, but first some information about the collection:

and the top ten of albums by (geographic) origin:

How to use the pdf's

The pdf with the new albums is small (3 MB, 12 pages) and it loads very quickly. The pdf with the collection is much bigger (300 MB, 1058 pages). We tested the time for loading on Chome, Firefox and Edge (we have no Apple browser here available but will ask friends for the loading time). Loading over our home (rather fast) fiber connection took about 30 seconds. All three browsers handle the pdf in a different way.

The pdf of the collection has bookmarks that leads direct tot the given origin. In Chrome and Firefox these bookmarks kan be used for navigation. Edge does not have this functionality when pdf's are loaded from the internet. It does have access to the bookmarks if you load a pdf from the local pc. So the best option here is to save the pdf on your local pc. Then you can use the bookmarks to navigate even if you use Edge as your pdf viewer. For more information consult the help of your browser or contact us via email (


Google Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge
Loading pdf in your browser Yes Yes Yes
Bookmarks abailable on line Yes Yes No *)
Searchable on line No Yes **) No
Download to local PC Yes Yes ***) Yes
Bookmarks available in downloaded pdf Yes Yes Yes

*) For Edge the only solution to use the bookmarks is downloading.
**) Costs a lot of time, not recommended.
***) Firefox does not ask where to save the file, goes standard in your download folder.

After downloading (this is going rather fast, for the pdf is already stored in the memory of your pc) you can use any pdf reader like Acrobat Reader, Sumatra PDF, etc; the one that is installed on your pc and you normaly use.