Album cover

Box with three 12" LP records, Everest 3368. Performed by Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, aka Royal Greek Festival Company, aka Panegyris. Under the last name they made a US / Canada / Cuba tour in 1954. The first two LP's were recorded by Esoteric Records during that tour. There were made a lot of reissues of this records on LP and CD. This reissue was done by Everest in 1972. Everest added a third record licensed from the Tradition label with Greek songs by Ted Alevizos. This record is not included here, for it is not of great interest. The song "Apopse eina varia" which is part of track D 02 is also the subject of a video, which can be found here.


A 01 Aegean Islands
A 02 Central Greece
A 03 Ionian Islands

B 01 Macedonia
B 02 Crete
B 03 Roumeli And The Peloponnese

C 01 Pontos
C 02 Central Greece
C 03 Epirus
C 04 Aegean Islands

D 01 Roumeli And The Peloponnese
D 02 Rebetika
D 03 The Peloponnese