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July 29, 2017

For pleasant reasons we were not able to do an update of our site for four months. First of all we were on a trip to the Balkan. The second reason was a big number of records that “entered” our home. People did away their records for different reasons: stopping with folk dancing, cleaning up their attics, etc. In total we got around 350 – 400 records. Of course most of them we had already, but there was also a considerable part that we were still missing (especially Romanian and Russian). We also bought a lot of records and cd's recently. We had to take action to keep it manageable. You can read more and find new, extended, PDF's on the "Collection" page.

We also did away with the modal pop up windows for the PDF's and the audio. These gave to much problems (speed). Made some changes on the layout of the pages and some minor changes in the texts.

March 14, 2017

Annemiek wrote a story how she got "caught" in collectioning, you will find it under "About Us". Added a story about the Koprivstica Festival with audio. In a next update we will also add some pictures from the festival. We have split the choices for Bulgaria under Audio in two different ones: "Bulgarian Traditional Town Music" and "Bulgarian Rural Music from Festivals and Fieldwork".

For the Koprivstica audio recordings we implemented a new (hopefully) better audio player. We also replaced the picture slider with a better one.

January 28, 2017 Audio added

Added new audio under Albania and Kosovo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Croatia. We are doing research for an even better audio player and slider for the pictures.

December 18, 2016 Audio added

Woodcarving of a group of musicians (Museum für Volkskunde, Vienna).

We wish you all a very healthy, successful and musically 2017!

Added new audio under Albania / Kosovo, Croatia, Former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. Removed the "trial" audio files for that countries.

November 18, 2016 Small improvements, audio and video added

Added more music (and also removed some, these were only included to prove that it would work). The new tracks have a better quality (for the technicians: 256 Kbps in stead of 128 Kbps). The other tracks will be updated later. Also added a new Albanian video.

In the collection are a lot of sources (Cd's, records) dedicated to more countries/regions. E.g. Balkan, (Former) Yugoslavia. We decided to file the audio examles under a specific heading if half of the tracks or more is dedicated to that region or country. For this reason we have added a new heading under "Audio": Former Yugoslavia.

We found on the internet a rather good audio/video player and programmed a pop-up window around it. If you click on a picture on the audio pages, the pop-up window will open and you can play the tracks of that record. This is a better solution than all the dedicated one track players. If you have not stopped playing when you leave the pop-up window, with the close "X" on the right upper side, playing will continue. You have to go back to stop it by clicking the pause button "||". If you start another track, the already playing track will stop. Playing will also stop if you leave the page. This was not the situation with all these single players. You could have ended with x tracks playing at the same time. HTML5 has not a stop playing method. We are looking for a solution to stop playing if the pop-up window is closed. Have to do some programming. Hopefully this will be ready in the next update. The video player is direct visable on the video page. This new player makes adding audio and/or video easier for us.

For now the new pop-up player is implemented for: Bulgaria, Former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Macedonia and Romania.

October 10, 2016 Changes in the interface and added story about the 35th Dance House Festival in Budapest

The development of this site is a process of learning by doing. We have to change sometimes the structure based on our own findings and comments we got. As a result we have changed a couple of things for this update:

  1. changed the menu from a top bar menu to a side bar menu
  2. menu items are always visible
  3. all sub menu items are upgraded to menu items
  4. "Back" buttons in the Audio, PDF and Pictures pages have been moved
  5. integrated menu option "Collection/Content" in "Collection"
  6. rewrote the text of ""Browser Compatibility" to a more general overview and renamed it in "Technical Stuff".

By changing the menu from top to side bar the menu choices are always visible. A "Back" button is not any longer needed. From every page on the site you can directly skip to another page. So you can easily change between main and sub pages.

This website does (now) not focus on mobile devices, but at least the menu items are visible. This move also create what more height of the pages. The "Technical Stuff" page is a must read if you encounter problems; perhaps it helps!

Under stories we have added our impressions of the 35th Dance House Festival in Budapest with pictures. Under "Audio" we have added the tracks of two records of two earlier festivals (1985 and 1986).

September 5, 2016 Video and more sound examples added

"MEDIA/AUDIO/Macedonia" Has been a little bit restyled and we added the other recordings of the Promenos concert and the B side of the 78 RPM Jugoton record.

Added a new menu option under "Media": "Video". with two video files. "Experimental", to test how (fast) it works over the internet.

We found out that Internet Explorer does not show the PDF's online, local it did work. More under "HOME/BROWSER COMPATIBILITY". If you have problems with the resolution on an Apple look also in "HOME/BROWSER COMPATIBILITY".

September 1, 2016 Renewed launch of the site (version 2)

Huh? Version 2? But the site is only on line for two months. We will explain why.

The idea of a web site about the collection was already some time in our mind. When we decided to become a member of the ICTM and to participate in a symposium of the Study Group of South Eastern Music and Dance, it became clear that a business card would be handy. But if you order a number of cards, the future web address should be printed on it. So we looked for someone who could help us setting up a site and we arranged a domain name. When we came back from our trip in the middle of the month of May, the chosen developer started and the site was finished at the beginning of July. The site was build in Wordpress. Why Wordpress? Everybody uses Wordpress, if you believe the information on the internet.

During a trip to Ohrid, in the second half of July, Annemiek was walking with friends a part of the Via Egnatia and I had for the first time some time to look in the internals of our site. I was really shocked by the way Wordpress handles a site. A lot of redundant code, plug ins, etc. This is not a disqualification of the developer, but it is simply inherent on using such a “Jack of all trades” software package. All this redundant code and plug ins also pose a risk; the possibility of a hack of your site is greater (especially the plug ins are a risk) and you have to update Wordpress and the plug ins constantly. This must be able to better. I did some research in the first week of August and rebuilding the site in plain HTML5, CSS and a little bit of Java Script would be possible. And now it is ready! Of course there are still some small problems, but we are working on it.

What are the pro's:

  1. much better security
  2. smaller and also faster
  3. for us better maintenable

What has been changed:

  1. added under home a menu item "browser compatibility", information about different browsers
  2. the option "gallery" has been renamed in "media" with two sub options: "pictures" and "audio"
  3. the PDF "Total of the collection" has been removed; now there is for every region a seperate PDF
  4. the viewer for the PDF's has been replaced, so you can immediately scroll through the file
  5. the viewer under "pictures" has changed and now has text underneath

And yes, we have added audio. For each Balkan country we have choosen three audio examples and we will extend that number in the future. As well examples of other regions. Of course only older recordings have been choosen (copyright constraints), but these are often more interesting then newer ones. The recordings have been choosen at random. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

July 01, 2016 Launch of the site

The site of "The Endendijk Collection" ( is on line!