The Endendijk Collection


As explained under History, the original idea was to be able to compile a “shopping list”. As a result of this idea the choice has been made to structure the database on album label, but additional characteristics can be recorded for tracks (origin, ethnicity, genre and tone system for Turkish and Arabic classical music). This applies for the database of the digitized part of the collection. As the not digitized part of the collection grew consierably last year by albums we bought and got (350 - 400 new items), we had to create a second database to manage the total collection, digitized or not. This database includes less information but data can be entered much faster. There is no track information, no digitizing and only one characteristic: "origin/ethnicity". The PDF's listed on this page are based on the information of this new database. The names of the PDF speak for themselves.

We are not yet ready with entering all the albums in the database. The Balkan countries are more or less complete with the exception of Romania. We hope to be ready with the whole collection at the end of this year.

  1. Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, US
  2. Southern Europe and Latin America
  3. Central Europe, Baltic states and Eastern Europe (including Russian Siberia)
  4. Hungary, including Hungarian minorities in surrounding countries
  5. Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Slovenia
  6. Serbia and Montenegro
  7. Macedonia
  8. Albania, Kosovo and Albanians
  9. Romania, without the Hungarian minority
  10. Bulgaria
  11. Greece and Cyprus
  12. Balkan, Former Yugoslavia and Balkan Minorities
  13. Turkey
  14. Middle East and Northern Africa
  15. Caucasus
  16. Central Asia
  17. Eastern, South Eastern and Southern Asia
  18. Jews
  19. Gypsies
  20. World and Miscelanious