The Endendijk Collection


Summary of the albums in the collection by region/ethnicity.

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of Albums
Origin of Albums
134 Added since last update
297 Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, US
140 Southern Europe and Latin America
559 Central Europe, Baltic states and Eastern Europe (including Russian Siberia)
667 Hungary, including Hungarian minorities in surrounding countries
399 Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Slovenia
487 Serbia and Montenegro
709 Macedonia
309 Albania, Kosovo and Albanians
595 Romania, without the Hungarian minority
1240 Bulgaria
922 Greece and Cyprus
262 Balkan, Former Yugoslavia and Balkan Minorities
476 Turkey
281 Middle East and Northern Africa
164 Caucasus
122 Central Asia
180 Eastern, South Eastern and Southern Asia
174 Jews
86 Gypsies
167 World, Europe and Miscelanious
8236 Total Collection (big file!)