The Endendijk Collection

Home is the site of “The Endendijk Collection”. A collection of folk and traditional music from Western Europe to Central Asia with a strong emphasis on the Balkan. It includes also recordings from the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Southern Asia. The collection includes over 8,100 albums, with nearly 9,000 items, as an album can have more items in it. An overview can be found under "Collection". These are mostly commercially produced albums. The collection includes also some recordings recorded during the trips we made.

The sources are for a big part digitized and stored on a server, but still 2,100 items to go. We also have to improve the documentation of the albums. Being collectors you can imagine, that the collection is still growing by buying new CD's and second hand records and cassettes. The digitizing proces is constantly under way. The collection is managed by a database program. From this database we extract the PDF files (menu option "Collection"). These PDF files give basic information about the albums in the collection.

The name "The Endendijk Collection" was given by Prof. Dr. Dimitrije Buzarovski (Universitet Kiril i Metodij, Skopje, Faculty of Music) to a documentary film, which he produced in 2015 about our collection ( We have adopted that name.

Of course comments, questions, remarks are very welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will enjoy visiting the site and find useful information. May it give you as much pleasure as it gave to us in collecting and sharing our experiences with you.

Annemiek den Uijl and Peter Endendijk